Alex Medina - Love Your Rythm
Early Support by: AME / Kristian (Innervisions, Ame), Renaat Vandepapeliere (R&S), Karotte (Frankfurt / cocoon club), Dj T (Get Physical), Affkt (Sincopat), Kadosh (Aeon / Innervisions / Watergate), Just Her (Constant Circle), Dodi Palese (What Ever Not / Engrave Ltd), Echonomist (Aeon / Upon You), Biesmans (Watergate), Claudio Ricci (Stripped Down), John Digweed (Transitions), Aera (Innervisions),  SouveQ (Secret Fusion), Alican (Get Physical), Ocean Lam (Social Room / Hong Kong), Christian Zingales (Blow Up Magazine), Shur-i-kan, Melodic Diggers, Bufi / Theus Mago (Duro), Javier Carballo (Berlin), Jo Kompakt (Kompakt), Sasch BBC, Yöurr (Stil vor Talent / Disco Halal), Chris Fortier (Fade Records), Marcus Worgull (Innervisions),, Mufti (Ombra International), DJ Pawas (Flux Fm Berlin), Joyce Muniz (Radio FM4 / Exploited / Vienna), SHOW-B (LOSSLESS, SoHaSo), Speaking Minds (AEON), Steve Parry (Selador, Frisky Radio, Bedrock Records), Enes Çakır (Dawgs Musik Istanbul / Grande Series), Colossio (Duro / Nein), Stereocalypse (Innervisions / Multinotes), Between Ourselves (Engrave Ltd), Makossa Megablast (FM4 Radio, Vienna), Horse Meat Disco and much more,
Some of the best things about being alive are the taste of delicious food, the sound of a loved one’s voice, and the feeling of wind blowing through your hair.
What do these things have in common with Alex Medina music? They’re all examples of sensory experiences that bring forth fond memories and joy.

One of the most prolific electronic music producers in the last years Alex Medina is a veteran on the scene.
His signature always delivers the sound that we are willing to play and dance.
With releases on labels as Innervisions, Moblack, Mobilee and his own Mumbai records, his continuous flow gained him a deserved respect and recognition.

We are more than happy to release more of his fantastic organic electric soundscapes via the beautiful Canary Islands. For your senses to enjoy.
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